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Appledore Marine Engineering, LLC was founded in 1987 and has remained under the same management, consistently providing superior consulting services worldwide in the fields of civil and structural engineering.  Appledore Marine Engineering, LLC has one of the largest and most respected staff of Engineer-Divers in the country, with 10 Engineer-Divers; 9 of which are registered Professional Engineers, many holding advance degrees (typically MSCE-Structural), and all are certified as commercial divers.

The engineering support services we provide include above and underwater inspections, surveying, geotechnical evaluations, material testing and service life modeling, seismic evaluations, berthing/mooring analysis, forensic & post-event analysis, environmental permitting/mitigation services, and development of waterfront asset management systems. The engineering design services we provide include design-bid-build contract documents, design-build RFP’s, construction cost estimating, and construction administration/oversight for the maintenance, repair, rehabilitation, modernization, and replacement of marine facilities, including integration of new with existing facilities and working within and navigating active ports and harbors.

Task Orders

None to date.

Team Members

Noah Elwood, PE

Area of Expertise: Zone 1 – Northeast Zone, Zone 4 – Gulf Coast Zone, Zone 6 – Southwest Zone, Zone 7 – Northwest Zone
Experience and Capability: Project Manager for Inspection of waterfront facilities for NAVFAC and USCG – OCONUS and CONUS

Quality Assurance Program

Appledore Marine prides itself on the quality of our work products, constructability of our designs and accuracy of our cost estimates.  The high quality of our services and products is critical to bringing in new work from our existing clients and  provides a valuable tool to attract new clients with minimal marketing effort.  For each project, no matter the size, a Principal-in-Charge is assigned to the project to oversee all work through the entirety of the project. With the Principal’s active role in every project, Appledore continues to provide deliverables of a superior quality, commonly exceeding the satisfaction of the client.  In addition, Appledore Marine’s Professional Engineer-Divers are able to perform and execute all aspects of an individual project from inspection to design, making the most of their knowledge of structural systems and their understanding of load paths as it pertains to damaged or deteriorated elements. The engineer-diver begins to develop innovative and cost effective repair solutions while the inspection is being conducted, allowing for the utmost in efficiency, communication and accuracy.

Point of Contact

Noah Elwood, P.E.

Appledore Marine Engineering, LLC
600 State Street, Suite E
Portsmouth NH 03801